Welcome to my world, you naughty boys and girls. I am Princess Rio, some say I am a spoil brat, some say I am daddy's girl... either way you would be right ! I love being spoiled rotten, so feel free to treat me he he !I love to tease guys and get exactly what I want, I love to be showered with gifts and all that sexy money. So do you want to be my sugar daddy ? I promise I will make it worth your time, just come inside my members area now...

Xoxo - Rio ^_^

Yes Guys and Girls, I just had my Birthday... I just turned 18 Barely Legal ! Finally I can be to be Extra Naughty ! Even though it was fun being naughty before ;) Come inside and see all my naughty going's on, you do realize how privileged you are to share in my life ! Yes Yes I know I sound like a right little spoilt brat... funny thing is I am !

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Princess Rio - Princess

I am such a little princess, and I love nothing more than money... I love loads and loads of money to rub all over my body, rolling around in all that sexy money. I love tucking it inside my panties and all over my boobs, who's going to give me some money to rub on myself ?

Princess Rio - I Love Nerds

Do you think I make a sexy geek ? A Naughty Nerd ? I do have brains as well as being sexy you know lol ! I also love nerds as they love me, they always do what I say, and always go out of their way to do things for me he he !

Princess Rio - Cookies And Cream

I got rather peckish late at night, so decided I should have some cookies and cream... but I decided it would be so horny if I took some pics for you guys and I think things got just a little carried away ! Not only do I eat and drink them, I decide to cover my tits with them ! Want some he he ?

Princess Rio - Red Bikini Shower

I put on my little red bikini and decided to get all oily, wet and foamy ! I love the look I get on beaches when I wear this, and even more so when I slip my top off and show off my big boobs ! I love teasing rubbing oil all over my tits, and then washing them off with a load of foam !

Princess Rio - Birthday Princess

Well finally I get naked (legally !) it's my 18th Birthday and I feel like a big girl now yay, I can finally show off my 32G boobs to all you horny guys and girls ! My dad calls me his Little princess, and I guess I am a little spoilt and get what I want... so what you all going to buy me for my birthday ?

Princess Rio - American Footballer

I decided to get dressed up in a cute American football outfit, they gave me number 69 I wonder why he he. What position would you like to see me in ? I think I would make a sexy quarter back, I reckon I could hide the ball inbetween by big natural boobs... just dont tackle my little body too hard ! Now lets all huddle up real close !

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